The small things often have their own special beauty. It just takes some time to stop and take a closer look, to notice all the wonders, that surround us in life.

I try to remember this every day of my life.

Lastlos is for the love of life.

The art of living is to embrace life with all its beauty- and its ugliness as well.

A lover of life takes her time, to look inside and find out, what she needs to feel happy in life. She cares as much for her physical health as for her mental.

She knows and loves her talents, skills and all the little things about her, that make her special. Always in contact with herself, she follows her intuition to wherever it leads her. She knows how to use her strengths for the benefit of all and make her visions come true.

To her life is a wonderful journey with ups and downs. She is willing to learn from setbacks and to improve herself along the way, so that she can spread her vibrant, unique light above the world.

She knows, that life has to be lived everyday.

Hi, my name is Viola.

I am the heart and mind of Lastlos. I studied Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology and trained on Coaching, Relaxation-Methods, and Resilience-Improvement. I am from Germany, but through the internet I have friends from all over the world and write mostly in English to communicate with a lot more people, than would be possible in German.

Lastlos is a ressource for self-care, personal-growth and lifestyle-design. You can find inspirational and sometimes thoughtful content here as much as practical exercises, that help you to (re-)discover yourself and create a life you can really enjoy. You can learn to truly love yourself and align with your talents and visions. By cultivating habits and skills, that will evolve you to your best self, you will empower yourself and bring your own unique light to the world.

May your journey be beautiful!


Unterschrieben mit Viola